Let’s start at the very beginning

Good evening, world.

Someone once told me I should write a blog. As the word “blog” is now sufficiently ironic, I can now proceed, safe in the knowledge that my hipster credentials shall be well maintained.

Thankfully, this is not intended to be a fount of great wisdom. Mostly it’s where I keep stuff. Maybe it shall be useful to someone else. Or not.

I’m an engineer. Which means I can’t make any purchasing decisions without involving a spreadsheet.

I’m also a Christian. You can tell it’s important because of the capital letter. This does not generally eventuate into spreadsheets.

I’m a youth group leader. Or, as I prefer to say, I have the spiritual gift of silliness. I spend a lot of time dreaming up ridiculous games. People keep asking me for the rules. Which is part of the reason I’m writing this in the first place. Don’t worry, soon you shall know all the rules to Hitchhiker’s Teeball. It’s almost, but not entirely, quite unlike teeball.

I’m also the Music Guy (technical term) at church. In practical terms, this means I choose songs, can tell whether a flute is out of tune, and have a personal responsibility to stop the proliferation of ukuleles and other obnoxiously happy instruments.

My church is not large. Not small, either. Assuming a constant linear relationship between council-provided rubbish bins and residents per dwelling, we would be entitled to about 30 bins. This is a moderate number of bins. For reference, the global bin entitlement of Hillsong is approximately 22,400 bins.

If you’re looking for youth group resources, thoughts on small-church music, or other mildly pretentious ramblings, you may find something of interest.

Unless, of course, I only ever get around to writing this post. In which case, I have already wasted two minutes of your time, and you should probably leave now.

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