Game: I’m all about that blue (no yellow)

This game is vaguely related to both Foosball and pinball, is reasonably active, and can be played indoors. Useful for those delightful winter months. You’ll Need: Three balls, about the size of a tennis ball, in three different colours. We use blue, yellow and red, but we promise not to look down on you if […]

Game: Kings in Grass Castles

This is an outdoor game combining tag/chasey/tiggy/tips, bluff, and a healthy dose of running around like a maniac. In any given round, one team plays Offence, and the other Defence. They have different abilities and objectives. At the end of the round, the roles switch, and the game continues. You’ll need: A largish outdoor area. […]

Game: Hitchhiker’s Teeball

Hitchhiker’s Teeball is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike teeball. Now that we’ve got that over with, this game is somewhat akin to netball. It seems to work well both indoors and outdoors. You’ll Need: A rectangular space, free of chairs, Bibles, mushrooms, toddlers, and other trip hazards. As always, safety first. Masking Tape (indoor) […]